#4 Ethics and Morality

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Purpose of Conversation: To assess whether the project should be structured as a long-term investment, sold, or closed down.

New Information: John Formica is ambivalent about the attractiveness of this new client opportunity. Although he is excited by the possibility of establishing a long term relationship with a global energy client, his “risk antennae” are buzzing with the fear that the project has no long term sustainable future.

Choice a: Do nothing and proceed with the project.
There is a 25% chance that bad press, human capital recruiting challenges, and distrust among potential customers and government regulators will result in $250 million in losses of shareholder value.

Choice b: Sell the project.
WOW will receive $200 million for the project up front. There is a 50% chance that the acquirer will claw back $40 million of the purchase proceeds after one year because of performance deficiencies.

Choice c: Close down the project.
We will spend $20 million on closing costs up front. There is a 25% chance that WOW will spend an additional $40 million on site reconfiguration costs after one year to adjust for the impact of post-construction activities.