#2 Sustainability

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Purpose of Conversation: Your group meets with Jacques Plui, the Director of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors at WOW. Jacques comes from a wealthy French family that is famous for supporting enviromental protection projects. Much of Jacques’ personal family wealth is invested in WOW stock; he is often torn between his commitment to the environment and his need to protect his family fortune.

New Information: The Board of Directors is concerned about the general public’s perception of the firm’s management of the environmental risk regarding the blue frog species. The Board asks for a recommendation regarding the possibility of relocating or keeping in place while protecting the endangered species.

Choice a: Do nothing and proceed with project.
There is a 25% probability that the blue frog will become extinct, resulting in a public relations nightmare that would bankrupt the company and cause $1 billion in shareholder losses.

Choice b: Maintain the project’s existing scope and relocate the blue frog.
This choice would cost the company $10 million. There would still be a 10% probability of species extinction.

Choice c: Reduce the project scope to protect the blue frog.
This choice would also cost the company $10 million. In addition, the value of the project would decline by $50 million, but the probability of species extinction would decline to 2%.

Choice d: Shut down the project.

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