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The World of Water (WOW), a Western global energy company, secures a contract from the emerging African nation of Vastaria to build a hydro-electric power plant over an undeveloped jungle waterfall. At first, the project valuation is extremely high. However, before construction begins, a pair of disturbing revelations disrupts the firm’s development plans.

First, a local representative of WOW paid a significant financial gratuity to a government official shortly before the official approved the contract. Second, an endangered species known as the Blue Frog is discovered on the construction site.

You will be placed in a group of four individuals, with each individual assuming one of the following roles:

Matt Rooney, Bann Capital, Private Equity Owner and Chief Executive Officer of WOW. Matt is an accomplished investment professional with decades of successful experience in global energy projects. However, recent industry developments (e.g. declines in energy prices, political turmoil in energy-rich regions, and public controversy over sustainability concerns) have compelled him to become more aggressive in approving risky investments.

John Formica, Big Four Accounting Company (BFAC), Assurance Partner. BFAC has been asked by Matt to “sit in” on management discussions. Matt is dissatisfied with the performance of his current public accounting firm, and is considering a switch to BFAC. Meanwhile, John is ambivalent about the attractiveness of this new client opportunity. Although he is excited by the possibility of establishing a long term relationship with a global energy client, his “risk antennae” are buzzing with the fear that the project has no long term sustainable future.

Okopipi, Representative Of The Blue Frogs. Okopipi is clearly worried about the prospects of the extinction of his species. He is also angry at the realization that a project that threatens his extinction was approved by local government officials who received cash payments. Thus, Okopipi tends to behave in a pensive, sullen, and fearful manner.

Kofi Annan, Vastarian Government Official. Kofi serves in Vastaria’s economic development office, but he also has many friends in the nation’s environmental protection office. He is frustrated by Vastaria’s continuing challenges involving economic stagnation, income inequality, environmental degradation, and government corruption.

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