We provide management consulting, program development, and corporate and academic training services under the moniker The Blue Frog Presents … The content is customized to meet the needs and interests of various audiences.

The following list is a partial agenda of a typical program. Clients and attendees are encouraged — and, when appropriate, required — to apply this information to the development of business plans and other project based management activities.

Introductory information is provided to participants with a layperson’s knowledge of the field.

I. Introduction - Demand for integrated reporting
   a. Valuation analysis
   b. Risk management
   c. Stakeholder reporting
   d. Internal management
   e. Public relations

II. Introduction - Suppliers of relevant data
    a. Promulgators of frameworks and standards
    b. Proprietary financial institutions
    c. Private corporations

Save The Blue Frog serves as an illustrative case for active discussion and experiential learning. A role-playing simulation game is utilized to develop a negotiation strategy that incorporates probabilistic analysis.

III. Save The Blue Frog - Situational analysis
     a. Fact pattern and stakeholder analysis
     b. Asymmetrical information and incentives
     c. Stakeholder strategies
     d. Negotiation process
     e. Scenario analysis

IV. Save The Blue Frog - Technical analysis
    a. Data reliability assessment
    b. Report format and content
    c. Report assurance, internal and external
    d. Implementation plan

The project based activities vary dramatically from organization to organization, depending on the need and the competitive situation. The following is a partial agenda for a professional service organization.

V. Project Activity - Reporting to Board of Directors
   a. Continuous dashboard reporting
   b. Quarterly performance assessment
   c. Annual capital allocation budgets

VI. Project Activity - Reporting to investors
    a. Triple Bottom Line analysis
    b. Integrated Reporting activities
    c. Corporate Social Responsibility information
    d. Environmental, Social, Governance data
    e. European Union Directive, qualitative data

Special modules are inserted into the content when relevant to the organization.

VII. Case Examples - Business
     a. Ben & Jerry's
     b. BP Deepwater Horizon
     c. Chicago Stockyards
     d. Coca-Cola
     e. Exxon Valdez
     f. Starbucks

VIII. Case Examples - Government and Society
      a. Antebellum South
      b. Blackwell's Island
      c. DDT and environmental protection
      d. New York City water supply
      e. Urban Preservation movement