It’s Your Turn, Redux

We’re about to experience an online weekend for the second time in three weeks! And thus, once again, it’s your turn to take a proactive role by applying our content to your own business concept.

Thus, by Thursday, October 4th at 9:00 am, please update your Google Drive project folder. You should address my feedback about your initial submission by updating your prior work, and then add your new flexible budget and storyboard work to your folder.

Later today, on September 25th, I will reach out to each of you via email to schedule a brief ten minute telephone or face-to-face conversation. As we discussed, I prefer to review my feedback with you via a verbal conversation.

Finally, please keep in mind that our Blackboard system will be down for maintenance all weekend. I have established a web site for us to serve as a temporary replacement for Blackboard. Of course, our Save The Blue Frog blog is always available as well.