It’s Your Turn!

Reminder: Click here for the course materials.

As you know, this weekend is an online weekend. You are working on your first term project submission, and will upload it to your Google Drive folder by Thursday, September 20th at 9:00 am.

And what do we plan for our next classroom meeting? We’ll begin with our customary brief quiz on the traditional balanced scorecard and statistical analysis. Then we’ll discuss our first submission activity, and I’ll ask a few of you to present your content to your classmates.

Finally, we’ll review the remaining course materials that are related to The Business Model. And we’ll preview the next section of the course, i.e. the section that addresses Volume Estimation.

While we complete these activities, please keep in mind that we are using the Integrated Reporting Framework to organize our content for the Term Project. It’s never too early to begin organizing your thoughts about the final presentation!