IFRS vs. GAAP: Fair Value Measurements

Reminder: Click here for the course materials.

Did you enjoy Hybrid Class Week? It was certainly a change of pace, wasn’t it?

This week, we have a few more “firsts” to experience together. Let’s proceed through our plans, step by step:

1. Prior to our class session on Tuesday, please send me your Gmail address. I’ll respond by sending you an Invitation to a Google Drive folder; you’ll use it to upload your Term Project materials.

2. During the first ten minutes of our session, we’ll take our first quiz together. It will cover the essential principles of the IFRS and GAAP standards regarding fair value.

3. We’ll then spend the bulk of the remaining session on a discussion of your “jotted thoughts” from Hybrid Class Week. The learning goal will be to understand why an organization might prefer one set of standards over the other, and how industry-specific risks impact this preference.

As we advance into mid-September, we’ll plan to pick up the pace a bit! But please don’t worry; now that we’ve gotten to know each other, the semester should be fairly manageable.