The Curtain Falls

Alas, we have reached the end of our Colloquium! We are now prepared to drop the proverbial curtain on our time together.

So where do we go from here? For starters, we are now facing a single deadline, with all of our remaining work due at 5:30 pm on Monday. You must use your team folder to submit your Project 3 work, and you can either use your folder or an email message to Michael Kraten to transmit your Extra Credit 2 and makeup work.

Please keep in mind that makeup work is only authorized for students who received an email message entitled Quiz Makeup Authorization. All Extra Credit 2 and makeup work activities are individual (and not team) assignments.

Given our very tight grading deadline, I regret that we can only accept work that has been submitted by 5:30 pm on Monday. At that time, we will download all Google Drive folders, review all email messages, and send each student an email message that summarizes all work received.

We will send that email message to you on Monday evening. Please respond immediately if the email summary does not describe all of your work.

Your Project 2 scores and feedback are now available. Mike Kraten is communicating the content to the teams in the 5:30 section, and Mike Moricas to the teams in the 7:30 section.

Ideally, a representative of the team will send an email message to Mike (or Mike) and arrange for a phone or video conversation today. If that is not possible, or if we do not hear from your team at all by 5:00 pm this afternoon, we will simply upload our feedback to your team folder.

Of course, you are welcome to contact us during these final three days if you have any questions about our remaining activities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you hit any proverbial roadblocks.

Although the field of sustainability is focused on the long term, there are times when we simply need to focus on the short term. This is clearly one of those times, with Monday at 5:30 pm representing our deadline at hand.

Good luck!