The Final Week

Is it possible that we’ve reached the final week of the semester? It’s difficult to believe, and yet it’s true! So let’s review our remaining activities of the course.

<1> Because of scheduling considerations, our remaining groups that have not yet presented their Project 2 work will do so on Thursday, May 3rd. For our 5:30 class, they are: Pharmaceutical Industry, Gender Inequality, Electric Cars, Company Assessment: Tesla, Chicago Public Schools, Artificial Intelligence. And for our 7:30 class, they are: African Wild Dogs, Messenger Kids.

<2> Although we are delighted that our “unlimited student conversation” policy has been successful, the number of presentations remaining for our 5:30 class may require more time than usual. Thus, students in the 5:30 class should expect to remain in the classroom as late as 7:30 on Thursday evening. And students in the 7:30 class might need to enter the classroom a few minutes later than expected on that day.

<3> In advance of our Wednesday session, please read an article from the Small Wars Journal entitled Combat Advising: Three Challenges We Must Overcome to Succeed in Afghanistan. You can find it in the Handouts sub-folder of our Documents folder, saved as the PDF document entitled Combat Advising.

<4> Quiz 22, on Wednesday evening, will cover the advance reading assignment and the student presentations that were delivered during the previous class session. Quiz 23, on Thursday evening, will only cover the quizzes that were delivered during the previous class session.

<5> We are delighted to confirm that we are dropping three quizzes from our course grading process to account for absences, and not merely two quizzes! This policy is attributable to our ability to squeeze a 23rd and final quiz into our semester, while still accounting for a total of twenty quizzes in accordance with our syllabus.

<6> The Project 3 requirements are now available. We will review them in class on Wednesday; they are described in a PDF document entitled Project 3 that can be downloaded from our Handouts folder.

<7> Project 3 is due on Monday, May 7th at 5:30 pm via upload to your team’s Google Drive folder. All Extra Credit 2 and makeup work is due via email message to Michael Kraten at that time.

<8> Students are only authorized to complete the make-up work that has been described in individual email messages entitled Quiz Makeup Authorization.

<9> Your instructors will need Friday to finalize the Project 2 grades after the presentations conclude on Thursday evening. Thus, Project 2 feedback and grades will be available as of Saturday morning, May 5th; your instructors will be available to answer questions during the weekend and on Monday.

Whew! The finish line is truly in sight, isn’t it? Very soon, we’ll be able to enjoy our summer break.

But before we do, let’s focus on completing our team projects … and saving our proverbial blue frogs!