The Final Month

We hope that you’re enjoying a delightful Easter weekend! When you return to campus, we’ll leap directly into the final five weeks of classes.

Because the College is following a Monday schedule this Wednesday, we will not meet that evening. On Thursday evening, we have a special event to engage us.

PC alumnus and New Haven based UBS Wealth Manager Jason Macaluso will join us to discuss communication practices. In advance of our discussion on Thursday, please complete an unusual assignment.

First, please read an article about PC alumnus and New Haven based entrepreneur Jason Sobocinski. He is the proprietor of the artisanal cheese shop and restaurant Caseus Fromagerie and Bistro.

Second, please review a web page about Jason Sobocinski’s interest in sustainability on the web site of The Farmer’s Cow.

Third, please listen to Jason Macaluso’s 35 minute audio podcast Episode 1 of the series Bow Ties and Striped Socks, entitled Jason Sobocinski: The Big Cheese. You can find it by visiting Jason Macaluo’s UBS business page, and then scrolling down to the podcast library.

That sums up our activities for the week! In addition, please note that the requirements for your second term project submission, your extra credit work, and your make-up activity work have been uploaded to the Handouts sub-folder of our Documents folder. If you wish to complete any quiz make-up work for a day when you were absent, a notification requirement is due on Friday, April 6th.

By the way, do you recall one student’s anonymous survey suggestion of a Movie Night? Or of a Surprise Topic? Although we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to schedule such activities, we’re certainly open to them! Thus, if you wish to make any suggestions, please send them to us via the anonymous survey web page or via email no later than Friday, April 6th.

Finally, if you have not yet arranged to receive feedback about your Project 1 submission, please respond to your instructor’s message as soon as possible. We plan to schedule our Project 2 submissions and presentations on Wednesday, April 25th and Thursday, April 26th.

Can you believe that you’re about to experience your final month of Civ ever? We’ll certainly do our best to make it a memorable one.  🙂