Military Science

For the past few weeks, we have been emphasizing the resolution of conflict through the art of persuasion. We hope that you agree with our focus on persuasion, given that cooperation is generally preferable to antagonism.

And yet it is regrettably true that some differences cannot be resolved through persuasion. Instead, certain disputes inevitably lead to military action. And we would be amiss to overlook the contributions of military science to the field of dispute resolution.

So let’s dedicate the upcoming week to this topic. In advance of our session on Wednesday, please read a classic poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson called The Charge of the Light Brigade. While you do so, please consider the concept of servant leadership that we discussed several weeks ago.

In addition, in advance of Wednesday’s session, please read the 26 brief paragraphs of Section I of Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, entitled Laying Plans. You’ll undoubtedly notice that this reading is a classic of Eastern Civilization, as opposed to Western Civilization. We’ve decided to expand our horizons a bit!

Then, in advance of Thursday’s session, please download the U.S. Department of the Army’s ATP 5-19 training publication regarding Risk Management, and read Chapter 1, which extends from Page 1-1 through Page 1- 17.

In addition to these tasks, please keep a pair of administrative activities in mind. First, during the week, we will enter your midterm grades into our system. The grades will reflect your performance thus far, and will include a general assumption that each student will submit make-up and extra credit work that will add 8 points towards the course grade.

The other administrative activity is the discussion of term project feedback and grades. As we mentioned in class last week, we will contact each team to schedule a time for your conversation.

We have much to cover this week! But please don’t worry about the work load.

After all, we’re about to learn about fighting wars. So we can be confident that we will complete our education mission with perfect military precision!