Sustainability and Western Civilization

Welcome to the Sustainability Colloquium of the Western Civilization program at Providence College! For the next fifteen weeks, we shall utilize this blog to share information about our interdisciplinary course in the humanities, the natural and social sciences, and business.

Current students, guest lecturers, and other friends of our program are welcome to use the email subscription app on our blog’s web page to follow our progress. Former students who previously subscribed are welcome to continue doing so. And others who have no direct connections to Providence College, but who are curious about our interdisciplinary approach to Sustainability, are invited as well.

We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions from all of our friends and colleagues. You can easily use the Contact Us link on our blog page to send Professor Michael Kraten a direct message.

Once again, welcome to our Colloquium. We look forward to exploring the world of Sustainability with you, and to collaborating with you as we endeavor to Save The Blue Frog.