Business As Usual At Equifax

Have you heard about the massive data security breach at Equifax? Two months ago, the firm unwittingly permitted hackers to access the personal and financial information of 143 million people.

It didn’t reveal the breach until earlier this month. As a result, individuals were unaware of the problem — and thus were unable to take action to defend themselves — for an extended period of time.

Are you wondering how Equifax is responding to this awful event? If you visit its corporate home page, you are taken directly to its Personal Customers web portal.

And on that web page, the firm expresses an appropriate amount of concern. In fact, across the entire top of the page, it highlights the following bold-faced message:

Equifax Cybersecurity Incident:

To learn more about the cybersecurity incident, including whether your personal information was potentially impacted, or to sign up for complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring … Click Here to Enter.

Not bad, eh? But if you visit its Business Customers web portal, there is no hint whatsoever that the firm is concerned about the breach. Its Business Insights blog offers no insights about it. Its Events list does not mention the event. And at the moment, there’s a graphic image that flashes at you across the top of the page, screaming in capital letters:


Presumably, Equifax hopes that the compliance teams of its business customers aren’t worrying about its massive security breach all night! Ironically, the promotional question leads to marketing content about an Equifax service called Compliance Connect.

So if you were to ask Equifax how it is responding to its monstrous data breach event, its answer may depend on your identity.

If you’re a person who is subject to harm, it’s the firm’s top priority. But if you’re a business customer?

Apparently, it’s business as usual.