Houston Cheers

Battered by the torrential rains and destructive winds of Hurricane Harvey, the citizens of Houston undoubtedly needed a morale booster this weekend. Fortunately, Major League Baseball’s struggling New York Mets franchise obliged by delivering one.

The Mets visited the Houston Astros yesterday and played a doubleheader. The two games were the first professional baseball events to be staged in the United States’ fourth most populous city since last week’s catastrophic storm.

The result? The moribund Mets lost both games. And to the delight of Astros fans, Harvey himself lost the first one.

That’s right. Believe it or not, the Mets starting pitcher in the opening match was a player named Matt Harvey. He was pounded by the Houston batsmen and gave up seven runs in only two innings.

Harvey (the pitcher, not the hurricane) has been repeatedly injured throughout his career. Yesterday marked his most recent return from an extended recovery period, and he clearly wasn’t feeling his best.

Nevertheless, his brief return to the pitching mound served to cheer Houston’s baseball fans. Indeed, let’s hope that the citizens of Texas’ largest city will find many more opportunities to cheer in the near future.

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