The Retail Myth


Have you heard the myth of the collapse of “bricks and mortar” retail stores in America? According to this legend, the growth of internet retail giants like Amazon is making live shopping experiences obsolete.

If you enjoy purchasing your merchandise in traditional shops, though, you’re in luck. The myth simply isn’t true. Although venerable department store chains like J.C. Penney, Macy’s, and Sears are indeed retrenching in the face of daunting competition, other retailers are actually expanding into the physical space.

Take Amazon itself, for instance. It continues to explore new and innovative approaches to the technology shop format. And Apple’s network of live retail locations continues to thrive around the world.

Likewise, the online fashion retailer Warby Parker is investing heavily in its boutique retail locations. It perceives the live experiential strategy as a natural extension of its core online operations.

And guess what? Even Walmart itself, the gold standard of “Big Box” retail operations, is profiting from its turnaround strategy. By refreshing its merchandise lines, sprucing up its locations, and building a complementary online service, the Goliath of retail stores is demonstrating that there is still life in warehouse space.

So much life, in fact, that the German discount grocer Lidl just announced that it will soon challenge Walmart in the American market. If it succeeds, it expects to hire 5,000 workers to staff “Big Box” stores throughout the United States.

Thus, if you’re worried about the demise of the “bricks and mortar” shopping experience, please don’t despair! Although individual store chains and retail brands may come and go, the industry segment itself is here to stay.