Accounting Games And The Next Generation

Today is Labor Day, the social conclusion to the summer months. It’s time to pack away our beach sandals, close up our summer homes, and turn our sober eyes toward the worlds of work and school.

So what did the sensible and pragmatic folks at the New York State Society of CPAs decide to showcase during the week leading up to Labor Day? Accounting games! No, not the shenanigans that companies play with their tax returns, but rather the activities that make us laugh and cheer as we compete to win our contests.

I’m a contributing writer for Next Gen, the professional development guide of the New York Society, which has developed a sizable following among millennials who are working as accountants or who aspire to become accountants. Last week, they published my posting entitled Oh, The Accounting Games We Play.

It describes how games can be utilized to enliven the process of professional learning and education. And, in particular, it presents an illustration of a game that I co-created, entitled Audit Experience!

Believe it or not, the design process of an educational game is actually a very serious endeavor. Like any other communication media based service, it must carefully consider factors like the attention spans of the learners, the entertainment value of the content, and — most importantly of all — the ability of the game to convey knowledge in a sustainable fashion.

If you have any curiosity about the design of such games, you’re welcome to click over to the Next Gen blog posting. In fact, even if you’re not particularly enamored of educational games, you might wish to peruse the Next Gen platform of online media content to see how the New York Society is addressing the interests of the millennial generation.

And if you ever find yourself struggling to maintain your interest in a tedious training or learning exercise, please don’t give up on the material! Instead, try searching for an approach that makes a game of it.